The latest Austin area real estate market update shows home prices are up from last year and home inventory is also up. This tells us two main points: 1. It's still a great time to sell a home; 2. Buyers now have more options & flexibility.

1. Still a great time to sell. With home prices still up 8% from this past year, top dollar for homes is still in the cards for home sellers. Yes, it might take a little longer to sell and you might not see tons of offers on the first weekend. Yet, for most sellers, their main goal is to sell their home for more money than they could previously. That is still achievable - especially with our systems to get homes sold!

2. Buyers have more options. We're seeing the number of days that a house is on the market increase, which means there's more inventory. As mentioned above, it takes a little long to sell, meaning there's more for buyers to choose from in most cases. This is great for a buyer! More options means a better chance to find the perfect home AND get a better deal!

The net takeaway is that now is a great time to buy and sell. When you work with The Williams Team, we understand the market of today and how to position your home to sell and help you find the best deal on the best home for you & your family.

Here's the infographic from the Austin Board of Realtors with all the main data points.

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