We know that homes that have a "smell" will have buyers running for the hills. Yet, a great "scent" can make a huge difference in the way buyers perceive your house. Burn some candles while you're home or plug in an air freshener all day long to fill each room with a unique scent for the space. Or maybe even bake some cookies before an open house!

Not only will you enjoy the aromatherapy, it'll trigger emotions and feelings in buyers to help envision themselves living in your house. 

Make a lasting first impression on buyers with these fantastic scents.

These are some of my favorite and go-tos:


Lavender is a perfect scent for the bedroom - it's soothing, calming, and relaxing. Buyers will want to unwind when they smell this lovely scent.


Lemon is great for the bathroom - it's a clean scent and neutralizes odor. Buyers will feel comfortable in your bathroom with citrus in the air.

Cinnamon Apple

Cinnamon apple makes any kitchen smell like there's an apple pie cooling on the counter. This mouthwatering aroma will give buyers an appetite for your house.


Sandalwood is a perfect background scent for your living room - it's rich, intimate, and cozy. Buyers will already feel at home when they walk through your front door.

If you're looking for some candles to make your home smell amazing, check out Greyden Candle Co.! (Shameless sister plug!!) You can't go wrong with any of Shannon's unique scents, plus they're made of all natural, hand-poured soy.

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