Who doesn't want to sell their house for top dollar?? Plenty of sellers think that they have to make huge updates and changes to get their houses ready to sell, and that's just not the case here. Our team is in the business to sell your house for more money in less time, yet that doesn't have to come with a big price tag on your end.

Here are 10 dirt cheap (1 of them actually involves dirt *fair warning*) ways to increase your home's value INSTANTLY:

1) clean it 

Some elbow grease & cleaning supplies make a huge difference in the condition of your house. Buyers want to step into your house and feel like it's never been lived in before, so vacuum up those dust bunnies, clean the dishes, & fold your laundry because a spotless house creates a great first impression.

2) remove odor

Nothing says "nope, onto the next one" like a funky odor right when buyers step into a house. You may not notice the faint pet smell, yet buyers definitely will when they're out shopping. Light a candle, plug in an air freshener, & maybe even use an ozone machine for stronger odors to ensure buyers focus on the great features of your house rather than a less-than-fresh smell.

3) paint

I can't tell you how big a difference paint makes in selling a house the first weekend on the market compared to sitting for weeks and weeks, so it's definitely worth the money upfront to get a greater return on the sale of your house. Buyers simply love fresh, neutral paint. It looks great in photos, it allows them to focus on the bones of the house, & it's one less thing they have to worry about when they move in. This is one of the most important things you can do to prep your house to sell for more money in significantly less time & what we recommend most of our sellers to do before they go on the market.

4) new carpet

Once again, buyers love a move-in-ready house that looks like it's never been lived in, new carpet goes a long way. We have a cheap carpet guy who helps so many of our sellers get their house ready to sell for something crazy cheap like $2.50/sqft. Even cheap, new carpet makes a way better first impression on buyers than some well-loved (yet pretty worn out) nicer carpet. Call us if you'd like to have him spruce up your bedrooms with some fresh shag!

5) carpet cleaning

Maybe your carpets are in great condition, yet just have a few spots here and there - Definitely have a professional come out and clean them for you. Buyers will most likely have the house cleaned before they move in, so you'd think that they'll just overlook it as something they'll take care of at move in. Yet the way you present your home when it's on the market shows buyers the kind of care you've taken for your house while you lived there. And a simple carpet cleaning shows that the house has been well-maintained, which gives them confidence in making an offer quickly.

6) manicure your lawn (here's where the dirt comes in)

Lawns really do make a huge impact on resale value. Think about it, the front of the house is the first picture buyers see when they're shopping online, the first impression they have when they drive up to the house, and the last thing they see before they go write an offer. Mow your lawn, trim your trees, and sweep your sidewalk to create the perfect frame around your house.

7) remove any wallpaper

It's cheap if you do it yourself! Grab a scoring tool, spray bottle, and scraper & get to peeling. Outdated wallpaper is distracting to buyers and shows the age of a house. Do this to give your walls a facelift & follow up with a coat of neutral-colored paint (see #3!).

8) declutter

Look, we're not asking you to get rid of everything you own and live without the basic necessities while you sell your house. Yet by packing up the knick knacks, clearing off countertops, & reducing the number of personal items, buyers will more easily be able to envision themselves living in your house and turning it into their home. And it can be difficult to do that while they're staring at your family portrait above the fireplace... If you don't know where to even begin with getting rid of some stuff in your house, don't worry. We have a stager who will give you a detailed list of what needs to go to showcase your house, room by room. Give us a call to schedule a time for a FREE staging consultation! Talk about cheap.

9) rearrange furniture

Once again, our stager is super helpful with this. She'll help you rearrange your furniture to look great in photos & allow buyers to easily walk through your entire house. Most of the time she just tells you to put a lot of it in the garage, and the rest will be tastefully sprinkled throughout your house. When it comes to staging furniture, less is more... More money in your pocket! ;)

10) new fixtures

Drawer knobs/pulls on cabinets, light switches & outlet covers, door knobs, and sink faucets are all small, easily changeable things that instantly update a house to make it look fresh and modern. Small changes like this will quickly impress buyers without having to completely update your house with new cabinets, doors, and countertops.