Click HERE to download our in-depth 6-Step Tax Appraisal Protest Process

Here are the 6 steps in a nutshell:

  1. Determine if your property value is worth protesting

  2. Complete the “Notice of Protest” form & mail via
    certified delivery

  3. Schedule your hearing (the later, the better!)

  4. Gather evidence for your hearing & make copies

  5. Attend your Informal hearing (vs. Formal)

  6. Present the evidence at your hearing

Did you miss our Tax Appraisal Protest Seminar?

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Still not quite sure how to have a successful tax protest hearing?

Click HERE to schedule a 15 minute phone conversation with Kristen, The Williams Team CEO & Listing Specialist, on either 4/30 or 5/2. She's more than happy to find comparable home sales for you to use as evidence & give you personalized help in preparing for your hearing!